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Conference Awards

Recognizing Our Members

Best of the Year Award

The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas each year recognizes outstanding performance from each of the categories of membership. Each of these “of the Year” Awards for Justice of the Peace, Constable, Deputy, and Clerk seeks to acknowledge the commitment and dedication that our specific positions require with exemplary performance or actions that rise above the standard.Throughout the State, great variety and diversity exits in the manner and style that duties are performed and annually the Association takes the opportunity to publicly acknowledge individuals who are nominated by their peers and selected by a committee to be chosen as representative of the best of the best for each group.

To be selected as “JP Of the Year”, “Constable of the Year”, “Deputy of the Year”, or “Clerk of the Year” has significant meaning because of the underlying substance of both the performance motivating their nomination and the process for selecting them and each is an award and honor for which they should be duly proud to receive.

To nominate one of your peers for this distinguished award, click the button below to download the nomination form and follow the submission instructions.

Best Practices Award

The Best Practices Award is awarded yearly to the office or individual who embodies innovation and creativity in their work. To nominate one of your peers to receive the Best Practices Award, click the button below to download the nomination form and follow the submission instructions.

T.A. Vines Award

Each year, JPCA honors one or more of its members with the top award that it can bestow, the T.A. Vines Award. Chosen by JPCA leadership, the award represents the best qualities of a former JPCA leader, T.A. Vines who was elected Constable in Dallas in 1952. He won his first four-year term in 1956 and remained as Constable in Oak Cliff until his death in 1988. 

Constable Vines was known for his superior leadership. His office enjoyed almost no turnover. He demanded that his workers treat his constituents with respect and allowed no papers served with a deputy in uniform. Vines also became the lead legislative representative for JPCA. By the late 1970’s JPCA had acquired its strong lobbying reputation that it still enjoys today, and Vines deserves a large portion of the credit.

In 1990, JPCA President Bill Bailey established the T A vines award for members who were exemplary members like Constable Vines. The list of T A Vines winners has demonstrated leadership ability, talent, vision, and lengthy tenure. Most winners also spent long hours in the legislative process. T A Vines leaves us an example of commitment that we must follow to maintain the integrity of our offices. That is his legacy.

The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association, Inc. is the largest organization of elected officials in the State of Texas.

Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas, Incorporated
PO Box 115, Granbury, TX 76048

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Current Executive Leadership

Constable Chris Bates
Jefferson County, Pct. 2

Hon. Holly Williamson
Harris County, Pct. 8-1

2nd Vice President
Constable Carlos Lopez
Travis County, Pct. 5

3rd Vice President
Judge James Kerbow